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Sea Resort Baabe

Baabe, which was first documented in 1252, is located in the middle of the Biosphere Reserve Southeast Rügen and, together with the Mönchgraben, forms the border of the Mönchgut peninsula to the so-called “Muttland”, the center of the island. On the wonderfully gently sloping and almost stone-free beach are right a few fishing boats. If you’re lucky and got up early enough, you can watch one of the last remaining Rügen beach fishing brigades at work at this place. The fishing in Baabe has a long tradition. For centuries there was the so-called peasant fishery. This combination of agriculture and fishing served people as a livelihood at the time.

Despite all the progress, however, Baabe always remained a bit more contemplative than his much-known neighbors. This is because they have always placed special emphasis on the preservation of the original townscape, which is why, by the way, all new buildings still adhere to the rules of the 1913 development plan and must be adapted to the style of the resort architecture. This guarantees that they harmoniously fit into the townscape and, together with the lovingly restored older houses, give a beautiful overall picture.

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Ostseebad Baabe

Ostseebad Baabe

Insel Rügen

Ruegen Island


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